Mini Plush Cats

After living with cats, I have come to appreciate all their little quirks and personality traits. Not every cat is the same, and these little plush cats all have their own personality and styles. I’ve truly enjoyed making these cats, and the best part is deciding how to accessorize each one. Some of my favorites are featured here.

This particular cat enjoys wearing a bright scarf against gloomy Seattle weather and hanging out in coffee shops. iPod cat likes music (obviously) and cupcake cat enjoys sweet treats (obviously).

Ice cream cat loves cold treats on hot days and even cold days. Her favorite is Molly Moon’s balsamic strawberry on waffle cone. Although she also enjoys eating gelato. Hipster cats are… hipster..

Scooter cat loves feeling the wind on her face while she zips around town in her Vespa. She takes safety very seriously and wears her helmet everywhere.

A band of cats.

Plush cats and a real cat named Mochi.

These plush cats were part of Plush You! 2011 at Schmancy Toys in Seattle.

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