Stenciled Wall

Stenciling a wall is not quite as simple as repeatedly taping a stencil to the wall and painting over it…

First step requires that I mark out all the registration marks onto the wall. This ensures that each individual unit of the pattern is aligned. The marks can be drawn onto the wall using a pencil and erasing it later. Alternatively, I place a piece of blue painter’s tape where each mark should be and then drawing a more precise mark on the tape. When finished, I can simply peel the tape off instead of erasing pencil marks. Using the registration marks, the stencil is taped in place and stenciling commences.

The stencil can’t be laid adjacent to the last painted unit because the paint would still be wet. Every other unit is stenciled until the paint is dry. Then the holes are filled in. This is where the registration marks help a lot. You can stencil any unit, anywhere on the wall, without worrying about alignment.

Tada! Stenciled wall complete! I worked on this wall every night for a whole week.

I have since moved out of that apartment and can no longer enjoy my stenciled wall. I would like to stencil again, but not something that requires so much accuracy and alignment. The stencil for this wall was from Stencil 101 Decor by Ed Roth.

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